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​drawing the mice, my favorite movie


Fourth year of the project, increasing the ways to participate in MiCe. Students drawing their favorite movies.
Fourth year of the project, increasing the ways of participating in the MiCe. The students drawing their favorite movies.
It is our desire to reach all Valencian students and we know that this proposal can only be carried out using all the motivational means available to us. The Educational Centers are the main protagonists of what will be the big screen.
Each student has to draw on the supplied template a drawing of her favorite film. The drawing technique and composition is free.
All the Infant and Primary educational centers of the Valencian Community who wish to do so and have made the corresponding registration may participate.
With the drawings selected by each educational center and collected by the MiCe, some panels will be made that will be exhibited in the participating centers.
The students and teaching staff of each center will carry out a secret vote among the drawings exhibited, indicating on each ballot the best drawing of each section.
The MiCe will supply each center participating in the exhibitions and voting with the exhibition panels, ballot boxes, ballot papers and voting records.

For educational environments in the Valencian territory, with four sections:
  Drawings made by students of Early Childhood Education 3, 4 and 5 years
  Drawings made by 1st and 2nd year Primary Education students
  Drawings made by students of Education 3rd and 4th of Primary
  Drawings made by students of Education 5th and 6th of Primary